Oktoberfest in Dublin

Hi there! If you see people walking down O’Connell Street in Dirndl and Lederhosen, you think the world turned upside down. But no, it isn’t! If you see those people, you know it is Oktoberfest in Dublin. Then for 18 days the German Oktoberfest takes place at George’s Dock. Unfortunately, with my 18 years I’m too young to attend the big party at night because you need to be 21 years or older. But that didn’t stop us from celebrating our own Oktoberfest. An intern who is working with me had the great idea that we could have a little Oktoberfest party in her shared flat. Our group consisted of two German girls, two German boys, one Austrian girl and me. On Saturday evening we therefore met ea

All about the Chinese behavior

Hi everyone, As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I currently live with a Chinese Host family. There I learned some things about the behavior of Chinese people. I think the Chinese culture is one of the most interesting in the world. Even if we just have a look at the big variety of food… The first thing I learned was that Chinese people always take off their shoes (even if they are wearing slippers) when they go upstairs. When I arrived at my host family, the grandparents showed me that I have to take off my shoes. I thought that this is normal because at home we do the same. However, later on my Spanish roommates told me that I also have to take off my slippers before I go upstairs. I s

Boat trip around Ireland's Eye

Hi there, Once again I had a great time and because I experienced so much in the last few days my blog post is a bit later than normally. On Thursday when I normally write my blogpost I was at a comedy night in the Laughter Lounge. I got the tickets through an organisation for interns in Dublin. The money generated from this fun filled night went towards helping 4 great causes in the area of Animal Welfare, Homelessness, Elderly, and Children in need. I asked Franzi if she would join me and she said yes :) Before the we went to the Laughter Lounge, we were having dinner in an Italian restaurant to celebrate Franzi's Birthday. We had a delicious salad and a lasagne. When we arrived at the lo

A normal week? - no way!

Hi everyone, It’s time for another blogpost :) I thought that I’m going to tell you something about a normal week for me in Dublin. But there were still so many things I experienced… Franzi and I went out for dinner on Thursday. We wanted to eat sushi so we decided to look for an Asian restaurant. Our colleague advised us a restaurant and after work we started looking for it. That wasn’t as easy as it sounds…we didn’t know exactly if it was the fault of google maps or our lack of sense of direction :P Anyway, the meal we ordered was fantastic and the service as well. We granted us a delicious drink and enjoyed the evening. (By the way, if anyone wants to taste the food, the name of the resta

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