A normal working day and my tasks

Hello everyone, In this blogpost I would like to tell you something about a normal working day and my tasks and activities. Normally I get up at 7 o’clock so that I can catch the bus around 8 o’clock. Then it takes me about 1 hour and 15 min to get to the office. In the office, I change my shoes and turn on my computer :) First, I always check our email inbox and then I start to work on my projects. The process of a project is the following: The client writes an email with a request for a translation or comes into the office. I save his documents in our explorer and upload them in Odoo, it’s our main programme. Odoo creates a quote and I have to check if the word count is correct. Because Od


Hi there, My last week was very busy, that’s why I’m a little late with my blogpost. As one of our project manager was ill, there was a lot of work and because of that I was sooo tired every evening that I just ate and slept when I came home. Except on Thursday. On Thursday all of our interns and the boy who’s doing the IT decided to go to a concert. It wasn’t really that kind of music I normally listen to, but I still decided to go with them. So after we finished work, we went to a restaurant for having dinner. This time it was the “Brazen head” it’s Ireland’s oldest pub – since 1198. Their serving both traditional and contemporary dishes. I chose traditional and took the Brazen Bangers &

Visit from my Hometown

Hi everyone, Finally, it was time for a visit from my friends from Switzerland. Two of my ex-working colleagues decided to visit me for a weekend. They arrived on Friday morning and fortunately, it wasn’t that busy in the office so I could leave a bit earlier to spend the afternoon with them. We wanted to do a lot of sightseeing and so on but first we were just sitting on the bed in our hotel room and exchanged the newest gossip :) Later that evening we went out for dinner. On Saturday Dublin appeared from a well known side. It was very windy, a little bit cold and cloudy. So we decided to experience Dublin from the inside. First, we enjoyed a typical Irish breakfast – porridge, in a little

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