Trip to Malahide

Hi hi, Last Sunday, I was with two interns and my new Korean housemate in Malahide. It’s only two stops away from my home with the dart and it is situated 16 kilometres north of the city, lying between Swords and Portmarnock. We started at home at 10.30 and we met the two interns directly in Malahide. Our plan was to see the Malahide Castle. But we first walked to the coast and enjoyed the promenade. Once again we trusted Google Maps to find the way to the castle and this time it wasn’t a good choice. Google maps lead us the way and we walked around 40 minutes. When we came back, we chose another way that only took us 10 minutes =) but anyway, at least we could enjoy the beautiful autumn

The international dinner

Hi there, The last week one of my colleagues had the brilliant idea to do an international dinner. Everyone should cook something typical from their own country. So we decided to do this dinner on Saturday evening and to go out after. Because the Swiss and German food is so similar I cooked a meal with my German colleague. The only really special dinners in our countries are so easy to cook but unfortunately we couldn’t find any ingredients in a super market for this meal. This was the reason we „only“ cooked a chocolate fondue with fruits and bought some German beer. We spent 45 minutes for cutting the fruits and after we could melt the chocolate. The meals of the different countries were s

Bericht Thuner Tagblatt

Josina (19) absolvierte in einem Hotel in London ein dreimonatiges Berufspraktikum. Nebst ihren Sprachkompetenzen erweiterte sie ihren persönlichen und fachlichen Horizont. Klicke auf den Bericht, um mehr über Josina's Alltag in London zu erfahren.

My first three weeks in Brighton

Hi everybody, At first I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Vanja and I am 19 years old. Actually I live in Switzerland in a really small village in the german part of the country. But for the next 6 months I’ll live in Brighton to work as a Trainee in a Hotel. I hope that I can bring you the culture and the living in Brighton nearer with this blog. Here, you find the whole report and the first pictures of Brighton.

The big moving out

Hi there, Since I have been working in the translation agency they had been talking about “the big moving out”. But in Ireland it is almost normal that things are not planned very well and it was the same in this case. No one had really known when the exact moving date would be. Until Friday last week. On Thursday we got an email that we would have to pack our things in boxes until Friday and that we would move out and suddenly everything happened very fast.On that Friday, the owner had to go back and forth with his car for like four times and we moved everything except the furniture. As I was at the reception, I was one of the last ones who moved out. So, I had to help everyone to get their

Holidays part III

Finally the 3rd part of my holidays =) Day 6, the 29th of October 2016 For Saturday we planned a tour to the Cliffs of Moher. Our tour started at 7.10 in the morning. Our tour guide introduced himself as a full time alcoholic and a part time tour guide. From that moment on we knew it would be an unforgettable day. We were departing from Dublin, travelled through the counties of Kildare and Limerick before we arrived in County Clare. We passed by Bunratty Castle, it is a 15th century medieval Norman fortress and went through Lahinch, a world famous surfing and golfing destination. Our tour guide told us that you have to pay €250.- to be allowed to play one golf course. So we decided not to s

Holidays part II

Hello everyone and welcome to part 2 of my holidays =) Day 4, Wednesday the 26th October 2016 On Wednesday, we got up early because we wanted to do a bicycle tour in the Killarney National Park. Before that we had breakfast which was included in our booking but it wasn’t worth it. In the hostel was a kitchen with a toaster, some pieces of toast and some marmalade. We had to make everything ourselves and wash our dishes ourselves as well. That was another thing we weren’t really happy about but anyway. We rented bicycles in a shop and the shop owner gave us a map and coloured the tours we could do. The map was bad, and that was not because of my bad sense of direction! We decided to do the t

Holidays part I

Hi everyone, Sooorry for the delay with this blogpost! I was on holiday for a bit more than a week that’s why I didn’t have time to write, but I experienced a lot which I can tell you now :) I’ll do 3 parts in which I’ll tell you where we’ve been and what we’ve seen. And in this post I’ll start with day 1 to 3 of my holidays. Day 1, Sunday the 23rd October 2016 Finally my holidays started :) My best friend Melanie visited me for 10 days and we planned to go to the South of Ireland and travel a little bit around. We met each other at Heuston Station in Dublin and took the train towards Cork. For the first two nights, we booked a room via AirBnB. We wanted to choose all the other accommodation

Austausch Studer-Hauni in Hamburg

Ich habe die Möglichkeit erhalten für 5 Wochen einen Lernenden – Austausch in Hamburg bei der Firma HAUNI zu absolvieren. Die Firma HAUNI ist in der Tabakbranche weit oben positioniert. Hergestellt werden Maschinen für die Serienfertigung von Filter, Schachtel und die Zigarette selbst. Die Maschinen arbeiten in einem sehr beeindruckenden Tempo und so schafft die schnellste Maschine bis zu neun Millionen fertig verpackte Zigaretten pro Schicht (8 Stunden). Am Tag der Ankunft wurde ich am Flughafen von einem Lernenden abgeholt, bei dem ich in den fünf Wochen unterkommen durfte. Wir haben uns von Anfang an gut verstanden, was mich natürlich sehr erleichtert hat. Am ersten Arbeitstag waren wir u

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