Thank you! Merci! 谢谢! Ačiū! Dank u wel!

Hi gach duine, Although I’ll stay here in Ireland until the end of May I’ll stop blogging because I slowly got used to my daily life here in Dublin. So, now it’s time to say “Goodbye”. I really enjoyed writing weekly about my adventures in the ever-green island. I’m glad for the numerous feedbacks I got for my posts. I appreciated this support a lot and it was very important for the beginning. Someone once told me, that the first three months are the most difficult and at that time I thought that it was just a saying. But I learned that it wasn’t… Building “a new life” was not always easy and of course there were times where I wished I could be back in my lovely Swiss mountains. But espe

Interpreting job in the Garda Station

Hi everyone, On Sunday, I had a viewing with Guoda for a room to rent in Dublin 9. Suddenly I got a call from our agency for an interpreting job for the Garda. As I was in Dublin 9 and the Garda Station, where I had to be, in Dublin 6, they decided to pick me up. The two Gardaí came in a normal car but when I went into the car they said that we were a bit in a hurry, they turned on the siren and the blue light and we drove about 15 minutes to the Garda Station in Terenure. I was really fascinated but I didn’t dare to say a word because I thought that it would seem unprofessional. The two Gardaí were really nice to me. I was very nervous but they talked a lot with me and they told me some s

Christmas tree decorating

Hello everyone, As everybody know, it’s Christmas time. The best season of the year started and all the people are happy and grateful. Maybe the most of them. You should know that I really admire this time and I love to decorate the Christmas tree with my family on the 23rd of December. But unfortunately this year everything won’t be the same in this time. So I wanted to take a little bit Christmas from my Swiss home to my Englisch home. In my country in common that you put some lights on the tree in your garden. However, here in England it’s different. Not even in our hotel you can find some Christmas decorations or maybe some Christmas cookies. That was one of the reason why my colleague a


Hello =) When I signed my contract with the translation company, they told me, that I could maybe do some German interpreting jobs at a later stage. But as there had always been other German interns and not many German interpreting jobs, I never had had the chance to do it. I also didn’t feel ready to do it as my English had not been good enough at the beginning. But last Thursday, an employee from the interpreting department asked me if I wanted to go to court on Monday. From my colleague Guoda I had heard that interpreting in court was quite heavy and very stressful that is why I hesitated. They offered me a training day on Friday in court together with Guoda so that I could see how it wor

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