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All beginnings are difficult

All beginnings are difficult…

My plane took off at 16.05 in Geneva and brought me to my new adventure. I was pretty nervous but I believed that everything would go well.

At the airport in Dublin I took a taxi which brought me to my host family. The welcome was very friendly but also difficult because the grandparents of the family don’t speak English and my host mum wasn’t there. After they had shown me my little room I met my Spanish roommates. They are very kind and helpful. A little time later I also met Lingling and her three children. They are going to be my host family for the next 10 months.

The first few days were really hard for me because I had imagined everything a little differently and I was missing my home. So, I was happy when I started work at a translation agency in Dublin. It was difficult to find my way to work because I have to walk a long way down the River Liffey. My first day was a little bit confusing and it was very busy in the office. Other than in Switzerland, nothing was really prepared for me. But luckily there is another awesome intern from Germany and she told me a lot of things about the company and the employers.

When I remember it right, I think, the first word I learned when I came in was mumbling :) because there works a man who speaks very unclear and fast and when I told him that I couldn’t understand him he told me that he mumbles and I was more confused than before.

But all the people in the office are very friendly and they all want me to learn a lot.

What I like the most in the office is, that I can spend my break on a rooftop terrace. The weather on Monday and Tuesday was so nice that we could sit there and enjoy the sun. My new colleagues told me that these were the last summer days in Ireland – unfortunately they were right, on Wednesday it was raining in buckets!

Although the beginning was difficult, meanwhile it is better :)

I am excited what the future holds…


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