Our own work and language stays abroad in Great Britain, the United States and in South America as well as our unforgettable vacation experiences in various continents have influenced our values and convinced us that international working experience has a positive impact on the professional career.


Through the support for many friends and relatives, we have realized that there are numerous question marks when it comes to planning and organizing a practical training abroad. And that's where we aim at providing valuable support through our programs.


We look forward to accompany you along your career path and to support host employers before and during their employment of a practical trainee.


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Birkenvale is accredited to pay mobility funds of the Swiss confederation to participants who start their training within one year after completion of their federal VET.




Dieses Projekt wird von Movetia finanziell unterstützt. Movetia fördert Austausch, Mobilität und Kooperation in der Aus- und Weiterbildung sowie in der Jugendarbeit – in der Schweiz, in Europa und weltweit. www.movetia.ch

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