"For me, the mutual benefits of a practical training are crystal clear.... carefully selected, well trained and motivated practical trainees can collect valuable personal and professional experience abroad and at the same time help to keep the technical skill set of the team up to date. Also, they add a new perspective to the company. Millennials have new ideals regarding customer expectations and human resources politics and play an important role for our company to stay fresh, competitive and to keep up with the latest trends." Roman K., Managing Director Tourism Industry 

"We have worked with Birkenvale since 2017 and the interns we have received have been excellent in every aspect, with a high level of professionalism and aptitude. Birkenvale have also provided a strong support network to the interns and are always very friendly and approachable. Highly recommend!" Steve H., Operations Manager London

Benefits for the host company
  • Raise of intercultural awareness 

  • Positive influence of intern's motivation on team

  • Benefit from new ideas and perspectives

  • Enrichment of social skills and values in teams 

  • Delegation of tasks 

  • Permanent employees can focus on priority projects

  • ​Hassle-free recruiting through Birkenvale

  • Support in visa and employment questions

  • Minimum mentoring time through support tools

Support tools
  • Guide on how to set-up intern concept

  • Guide to set up training plan

  • Guide with visa and employment topics

  • Financial government aid for Swiss interns in Europe

  • Overview of ideal outline of internship

What interns bring along
  • High personal motivation

  • Advanced English level

  • Communication and collaboration skills

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • Multiple language skills

  • Previous work experience in one or several fields such as:

    • Administration

    • Communication / Marketing

    • Sales / Customer Relations

    • Purchasing 

    • ​Finance / Accounting

    • Human Resources

    • or any other of the 230 professional skills

Swiss vocational training system
  • 230 approved apprenticeships (VET)

  • Duration 3-4 years depending on profession (age 16-20 years), completion with federal vocational exam

  • Combination of practical experience and theory (dual system) with usually 3-4 days/week of training in company and 1-2 days/week at business school. 

  • Example Business admin: Apprentices are able to carry out entry-level tasks in administration independently, deal with customers and take over responsibility for their processes




Dieses Projekt wird von Movetia finanziell unterstützt. Movetia fördert Austausch, Mobilität und Kooperation in der Aus- und Weiterbildung sowie in der Jugendarbeit – in der Schweiz, in Europa und weltweit.

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