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In order for us to be able to provide you with the best possible support, we recommend that you contact us as early as possible regarding your internship abroad. The preparation work to evaluate your strenghts and desires, to get all the documents for a successful application ready and to search for a matching position takes time and requires some patience. It is our goal that you find a position which meets - or better exceeds - your expectations and reflects your strenghts. However, please also be realistic if you don't find your absolute dream position in your preferred region. Flexibility concerning your expectations is important for a successful process.


Once all your documents are ready and translated, your search for a practical training can begin. Once you have found your employer, visa documents need to be completed and depending on the country, an application documentation needs to be prepared before the visa process starts. This again can take several weeks up to several months depending on the country.


After you have received your visa, you can make your travel arrangements, start looking for an accommodation and prepare your trip by reading about your country. It is well worth to start early.


We are happy to send you an individual quote after a first contact by phone or Skype.

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