50 states with differences that could not be bigger: from the Big Apple that never sleeps to hot surfspots along the West Coast or endless landscapes which offer you a cowboy feeling, the United States offer fascinating opportunities for every taste.

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Country information USA


Age -  18-35 years

Requirement -  completed federal vocational training

Nationality -  Swiss citizens

Duration of stay -  max. 18 months

Visa fee -  depending on the duration of the practical training approx. CHF 1'000-2'000 (excluding mentoring fee of Birkenvale and insurances)


The United States of America strongly influence the European economy and the American Dream is still a role model for European companies. Important management theories are still created in the US and a large number of trends have their origin in the United States. A key to success in the professional career - and this also counts for the search of a practical training position and the somewhat time-consuming visa process - are power of endurance, flexibility, a high performance motivation and a portion of self-esteem. And a good or very good knowledge of English is already essential in the interview process.