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Surprise, surprise!

What an awesome weekend I had!

My cousin came spontaneously with her boyfriend and two other friends for a weekend to Dublin.

On Saturday, I met them at their hotel in the region of Temple Bar. Then we went out to look for a restaurant. We went to a tapas restaurant which was crowded but we found a little table in a corner. The menu was so big and everything sounded so good that we decided to order many meals and shared them. Our table was overloaded with plates but everything tasted well and we had a lot of fun.

Later in the evening, we went to a pub. There was Irish live music and many people who celebrated their bachelor nights. My cousin suggested that I could stay overnight with her in the hotel so that I wouldn’t have to worry all the time about getting the last bus. I happily took this offer because they stayed at wonderful **** hotel. I had a comfortable bed on a big beanbag and my cousin asked for an extra duvet for me at the reception. I slept very well and I didn’t hear the noise from the pub downstairs.

On Sunday we went to Dublin Zoo which is located in Phoenix Park. The 28-hectare park is home to some 400 animals and it is Ireland’s most popular family attraction. However, the zoo is also fantastic for young adults like us. The most amazing experience was when we could watch the elephant family taking a bath :)

After we had walked through the whole zoo, we laid down for a while in phoenix park and afterwards we enjoyed a hot chocolate in one of the sweet cafes near the O’Connell bridge to recover from the night before ;)

For dinner, they had reserved a table in the F.X Buckley restaurant. It is a steakhouse that serves high quality beef by choosing Irish beef. One of my cousin’s friends made it possible that I could eat there with them and that was a real pleasure. The beef was baked perfectly and the side dishes were delicious. That all has it’s price – the whole evening cost us € 400.- but it was worth it!

Then, unfortunately, it was already time to say goodbye…

Thanks a million to my dear friends, hope I’ll see you again soon!

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