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Nervous when I got to the airport

Weirdly enough I was not nervous until a stood at the gate at the airport. When I arrived I Dublin I was greeted by typical Irish weather.

For the first 2 months of my stay, I lived in a host family, afterwards I stayed in so called “adult residence” where lots of students from the language school where I did my internship stayed as well.

On my first day at the internship company, I met Vera, an intern who started the same day as I and became a friend of mine, with who I am in contact even after the internship. In the beginning we worked at the reception of the company (a language school), because there wasn’t as much work, (cause summer season just ended) we got sent to the teacher’s room where we supported the teachers. I supported the accommodation department during my stay. I sent letters to host families, allocated students and created excel lists. But not all my work was sitting behind a laptop, some days for example we had to go to the city to buy Halloween decoration or maybe pancakes for pancake day. Every day at the language school there is a student activity, if I had time and interested, I was also allowed to participate. The pub night on Wednesday was probably the most visited event.

As I was staying at the teacher’s room for most of the time, I also befriended the teachers. With them there the breaks were never boring. It was always fun to listen to their stories. I know I will miss them, or better said, while righting this I am already missing them.

This 9-month long adventure in Dublin was definitely worth it, I think I grew as a person and have lots of good memories with the people there. Even though Dublin is an expensive city I would recommend doing an internship there.



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