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Boat trip around Ireland's Eye

Hi there,

Once again I had a great time and because I experienced so much in the last few days my blog post is a bit later than normally.

On Thursday when I normally write my blogpost I was at a comedy night in the Laughter Lounge. I got the tickets through an organisation for interns in Dublin. The money generated from this fun filled night went towards helping 4 great causes in the area of Animal Welfare, Homelessness, Elderly, and Children in need. I asked Franzi if she would join me and she said yes :)

Before the we went to the Laughter Lounge, we were having dinner in an Italian restaurant to celebrate Franzi's Birthday. We had a delicious salad and a lasagne.

When we arrived at the lounge we were surprised because there were many people of all ages. The event started at 8.30 pm and there were 4 comedians who presented their show. Although I didn’t understand everything (because they spoke very fast) it was so funny and there was a really nice atmosphere because everyone was laughing loudly and having a good time. Unfortunately, we had to go earlier due to industrial dispute by the bus drivers that day and we had to catch our train. But anyway it was a nice evening!

On Saturday I was with Franzi and her family in Howth. Howth is a peninsula, which is located in the North-East of Dublin and it is easy to get there with the Dart. Beside Howth is a small-uninhabited island, which is called Ireland’s Eye because it looks like an eye if you see it from above. The island can be reached by regular tourist boats that go there on a regular basis and also tours around the island. After we had gazed at Ireland’s Eye from the beautiful coast of Howth, accompanied by a street musician we decided to make a boat tour around the Island. It was amazing!! The tour was during approximately one hour and we saw the beautiful nature on the island and even the head of a seal :)

After the boat tour and a trip through the little stores in the village we went to the beach to collect some shells. Although our feet were full of sand and Franzis shoes and socks were wet, it was worth it!

And yesterday we went to the People’s Park Market. The market is situated on the edge of Dún Laoghaire town centre in the historic People’s Park. It is very popular and attracts large crowds every weekend. Over 50 vendors trade there each Sunday selling a wide range of products including hot food, baked goods, art and crafts, artisan food products and seasonal products. Therefore the market is a must see! We tried a lot of food on the market and every thing was delicious. Unfortunately, it started to rain when we were having lunch but luckily there were enough trees in the park wehre we could find shelter and it was funny because everyone went under the trees to stay dry :)

Then it was time to say Goodbye to Franzi. She was working with me at the translation agency and her internship ended on Friday. She taught me a lot of things about Ireland, she showed me wonderful places and she was there for me in every difficult situation. Even tough we have only known us for a month she became a wonderful friend.

Thank you very much for this unforgettable time, I’ll miss you soooooo much!

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