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A normal week? - no way!

Hi everyone,

It’s time for another blogpost :)

I thought that I’m going to tell you something about a normal week for me in Dublin. But there were still so many things I experienced…

Franzi and I went out for dinner on Thursday. We wanted to eat sushi so we decided to look for an Asian restaurant. Our colleague advised us a restaurant and after work we started looking for it. That wasn’t as easy as it sounds…we didn’t know exactly if it was the fault of google maps or our lack of sense of direction :P

Anyway, the meal we ordered was fantastic and the service as well. We granted us a delicious drink and enjoyed the evening. (By the way, if anyone wants to taste the food, the name of the restaurant is Ukiyo).

Of course, when the weekend began it was raining the hole day, so we decided to go to the cinema. We watched the sequel to “Finding nemo” – “Finding dory”. I know that sounds weird and actually we were the only young adults watching this movie but we didn’t care about it because we love Disney movies. When the movie was over we took the next bus to the city centre and did, what every women does on a rainy day – shopping :)

On Sunday, the weather was changeable but much better than the day before. We enjoyed our breakfast in a little coffee near the River Liffey and went for a walk in the Phoenix Park. There we were looking for the wild deers and Franzi’s good intuition helped us to find the way. I had never seen so many wild deers in one place before and they were also quite tame. However, even though they were tame and smaller than me, if they were looking strictly into my eyes I was more afraid of them then they were of me. To celebrate the end of the day we bought us a crêpe :)

The best remedy against sickness is a surprise from the family. At the moment I don’t feel very well and after I threw up on Wednesday I went home. When I came home, I found a parcel for me from my lovely nieces and nephews from Belgium. Some of the children of my nieces made drawings for me and in the parcel was a chain of lights and a mascot as well.

Thank you very much for that unbelievable support – I love you all!

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