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Holidays part III

Finally the 3rd part of my holidays =)

Day 6, the 29th of October 2016

For Saturday we planned a tour to the Cliffs of Moher. Our tour started at 7.10 in the morning. Our tour guide introduced himself as a full time alcoholic and a part time tour guide. From that moment on we knew it would be an unforgettable day.

We were departing from Dublin, travelled through the counties of Kildare and Limerick before we arrived in County Clare. We passed by Bunratty Castle, it is a 15th century medieval Norman fortress and went through Lahinch, a world famous surfing and golfing destination. Our tour guide told us that you have to pay €250.- to be allowed to play one golf course. So we decided not to stop there =P Then we finally arrived at the Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs are 214m high at the highest point and are 8 kilometres long. We had 2 hours to enjoy this power of nature and the spectacular view. Once again, I’ll let the pictures speak =)

The tour went further on along the Atlantic Coast. The next stop was the Burren. There we could experience an amazing lunar landscape and I really felt like I was walking on the moon. Our last stop was Galway City. The city was full of people and as we haven’t really had the chance before to eat we decided to look for a calm place for having our lunch. And we found that place at the bank of the river Corrib. After lunch we discovered the hidden gems of Galway’s speciality shops and boutiques.

At around 8 o’clock we arrived in Dublin and were really tired. That day we decided to have Italian and that was more exhausting than excepted because the waiter brought the false dinner twice. But in the end it was tasty and of course a successful day!

Day 7, the 30th of October 2016

Even if the weather was on Sunday, we decided to sleep late, enjoy the healthy breakfast in the hotel and do a little shopping tour through Dublin. We went in every imaginable shop and bought too much, but we hadn’t expected something else =P

Day 8, the 31st of October 2016

On Monday, we met Sophie and Ramon again to do some sightseeing. Because Ramon (and sometimes me too) is an enthusiastic soccer spectator we did a guided tour in the Aviva Stadium in the morning. The old Aviva Stadium was built in 1872 and rebuilt in 2010 and there is now place for 51.700 people. Our tour guide was really nice but the Stadium was even more interesting =P He led us through the journalistic and photographer room, further to the press conference room. Then we came to the changing room. That was the most impressive thing for me because there are flat screens, comfortable showers and even two pools. At last we went to the highest seat where we had an amazing view into the Stadium.

In the afternoon we booked a guided tour in the Kilmainham Gaol. It would take me too long to tell you about the history, you should better visit it yourself and I can tell you that it is worth it! I was touched by seeing how the prisoners in the 18th century had to live there…

To bring this day and our beautiful holidays to a close, we went out for dinner again in the old storehouse and enjoyed our last evening!

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