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My last few weeks - Vanja

Hello everyone,

First of all I need to apologise that I didn’t write anything in the last month. It was really busy and I had some visits of my friends and family. And of course it was Christmas and New Year. I hope that you all had a good time with your family on Christmas and I wish you all the best for the 2017.

However, it’s already January and a lot of things happend. In December my mother visited me for a few days and I showed her my new home Brighton. We also visited London and we saw the Christmas lights in the Oxford street which are by the way incredible She really liked her stay and I think she was a little bit sad to go back to Switzerland ;-).

In the end of December I went home for 8 days. It was so nice to see my friends and the whole family again and to be back in Brighton after this little holiday was strange. I got a new room mate who called Marie. She’s French and so nice. I like her! She is like a n old sister for me. Now we are 4 Trainee’s in our basement and we have such a good relationship that I’ll be sad when the next will leave in the end of February.

Anyway, some of my friends came to London to visit me. We spent there the last weekend. We went to the typical buildings in London. Westminster, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge and so one... Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good and we had to go shopping (We weren’t unhappy about that..). Luckily the stores in London have sales now so we didn’t spend too much money as I expected. After three days they flew back to Zürich.

Now I am back in my little room with my new room mate and I am curious what will happen next. I hope you are all fine and you enjoy the snow in Switzerland!

Best wishes,


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