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The world of the wizards

Hi there,

What would England be without the story of Harry Potter? Right... Just a normal country. Harry Potter is one thing that I really love about England and I think I am not the only one who is thinking that.

While my brother and his girlfriend were visiting me we went to Filmstudios of Harry Potter in London. If you always wanted to go there I recommend you not to read forward. It should be a surprise for everyone who will go there. For me it was one of the best experience since I’ve been staying in England.

When you first enter the building you are so excited to see everything. I was like a child again. ;-) In the Studio you can see almost every room and costume which are in the movies. Dumbledor’s office, the Great Hall, the cupboard under the stairs at the Dursley’s house and so on... They are showing you as well how they did the special effects and the creatures. It is so interesting to see how a movie was made. I still can’t believe how much work they did just for one movie and I’m watching now all movies with other eyes.

However, the best thing for me was the castle Hogwards. They builded it and you can walk around it. It’s just amazing to see everything in real. You can see how amazing it is on the attached pictures.

If you are going to London I would definitely recommend you to go to the Filmstudios. And if you are a big fan of HP you will love it for sure.

Best wishes to all of you,


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