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Are you from Brazil?

My first week in Ireland is over. Today was a very lazy sunday. Slept until lunchtime and then just watched some movies and skyped with my boyfried. Actually I wanted to go to the city or just walk to the small town Sowrds to explore some new Things, I just see from the bus ( It’s hard for me to accept, here is now my home for the next half year. Not because I don’t like it here, I do, work is cool, I have some friends, a great Family, but finally it’s hard, but I think that’s normal at the beginning.

But I have to tell what I did the last few days. Get up in the morning, buy a hot chocolat from Starbucks and went to work. I’m getting better and better. I understand the worksteps and the context. I give informations about the activities „Pleas sign up your Name to the list, it’s 13.50 Euros please“. Students sent me some documents for printing. Give some informations about exam details. I make list’s about Student’s Details about their stay here, flightdetails when they arrive, when they departure, which course they booked, with or without accomodation. I create contracts and information maps for the new Students. Students their finished the courses, have to sign up their Name to a list, for receiving their Certificates. I creat requested documents like, bankaccount papers, medical Insurance, Student Card, Attendance letters, PPS letter etc. For Non European Students, and we have a lot of people from Brazil and Korean, I creat some documents for the GNIB (imigration).

My workmate, Cornelia, she is a lovely Person, all times in a good mode, she makes the Orientation for the Non-European Students, about contract, Holidays, tuition timetable, Level, exam, bankaccount, accomodation, work abroad, Visa documents and rules. The work is so versatile and exciting and so individuell. There are so many different Things, I think it would be never boring. The funny Thing about work is, we have a few Students they’re from Austria, Germany or Switzerland, and I know they speak german, but they don’t know about me. That’s so weird. One guy asked me seriously, if I am from brazil…Me? Pale as an Alabastar, blond hair, green eyes, sorry men, not really.

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