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Time passes too fast..

Unbelievable how fast time passes!

It's been almost ten months since I started my adventure at Dublin Airport. Ten months, in which I was able to gain unforgettable and insanely valuable experiences, in a country that I only knew from pictures until then.

The green island, the land of the Guinness, in which it was supposed to rain every day and which should be full of red-haired people with freckles. Where they already shout "Sláinte" in the morning and then go home accompanied by Leprechauns in the evening. I have heard a lot about this country and I haven’t been disappointed. Now it's time to go home ...

"Are you looking forward to home?", I am always asked.

Yes, of course, I'm looking forward to home. After all, I left my favourite people back home and the hills in Ireland are not really coming up to the beautiful mountains from the Bernese Highlands. But to be honest, I meet my farewell with mixed feelings. I have built up a lot here and to leave all this again won’t be easy.

"What will you miss the most?" Is often the next question.

EVERYTHING! Dublin was wonderful, certainly not always easy but incredibly instructive.

This stay has strengthened me in my independence, through the Irish serenity I have learned to take everything a little more relaxed and, above all, more patient, to make the best out of every situation. The changing weather and the 466 kinds of rain in Ireland have also brought me spontaneity and I have learned to be satisfied with myself. You will get to know so many people here, and even if they do not always fit into your world picture with their character, everyone is great and special in their own way. Since I have lived in a Chinese host family and worked in an international office, I have learned a lot about different cultures and now I also appreciate my life in Switzerland a bit more.

I also believe that I’ll miss the anonymity here in Dublin. Although it is incredibly nice when you walk through the streets and you know everyone, in Dublin I appreciated that I could also go shopping with my Pyjama J And also the city will be missed. I grew up in a small village and I would have never imagined that I will like the the city life that much.

But of course, and above all I will miss the people I could get to know and which I have learned to love in an often very short time. I think in a foreign stay you are on a journey of discovery after yourself and the people who accompany you are very valuable components in it.

However, the most valuable thing I will take from my stay is to be open minded and a suitcase full of experiences that no one can ever take me anymore!

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