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Tricky technical translations

The last two months were really exciting because I visit a lot of different places and I started my Internship. On the first day all the people greeted my kindly and they prepared a little presentation about the company and her duties for me. The company sell cleanroom staff for example stainless table or chairs to different customers in Ireland and UK. The suppliers are from Germany so sometimes I have to translate information sheets from German to English that is very helpful for the company. However the first three Weeks my task was to upload products on the Website and to describe them in English I had to be very careful. I mean it was an important task because the customers buy the products from this Website. It was really interesting for me and I learned a lot of new technical term in English. On the Weekend I made with some friends from Spain a two-day trip to Galway and Cliffs of Moher. I really enjoyed it because the weather was fantastic and the People in Galway they are friendly and funny. I think the Cliffs of Moher is my favorite place in Ireland, it was so impressive.

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