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Adventure England of Tamara

Decisions: Every day we must choose. Sometimes those choices are just small but sometimes they can change your life. In 2017 I made the decision to go to England. I wanted to improve my English, I wanted to make new friends and I wanted to gain some work experience.

Well, and that is what I did. 26thof August 2018: I’m standing at the airport and say goodbye to my parents. The feeling that I won’t see them, and all my friends for the next 6 months is sad and I’m a bit anxious about dealing with everything by my own as well. But I’m excited and I’m looking forward to discovering my own adventure. 😊

The first two month I lived in a host family. My host mom was a lovely lady and we had always a lot to talk about. Even though my time was terminated, and I had to search for a shared flat for the other 4 months.

My internship started after a two weeks language course. I was responsible for the reception and helped with administration tasks. This work placement helped me to improve my English a lot. Changing your mind to English is a big challenge though. Especially the phone was tricky in the beginning. All those accents and different enquiries are confusing. But it is wonderful seeing yourself improving and managing the English tasks better and better.

I’ve met so many wonderful people, discovered so many marvellous places and collected so many experiences for work and for myself!

I look back to an adventurous half a year and I’m so happy for my decision in 2017. I would definitely recommend to everyone to take the same chance.

Go and improve your English as well as yourself!

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