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Oktoberfest in Dublin

Hi there!

If you see people walking down O’Connell Street in Dirndl and Lederhosen, you think the world turned upside down. But no, it isn’t! If you see those people, you know it is Oktoberfest in Dublin. Then for 18 days the German Oktoberfest takes place at George’s Dock.

Unfortunately, with my 18 years I’m too young to attend the big party at night because you need to be 21 years or older. But that didn’t stop us from celebrating our own Oktoberfest. An intern who is working with me had the great idea that we could have a little Oktoberfest party in her shared flat. Our group consisted of two German girls, two German boys, one Austrian girl and me.

On Saturday evening we therefore met each other to buy some drinks and snacks. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any pretzels or Weißwurst in the shop – we decided to order some pizza instead. The courier delivered two XXL pizzas and we were really proud that we could finish one and a half of it ;)

After dinner we played some German card and drinking games. It was a very long and funny night and I was glad to spend an evening which was culturally more similar to Switzerland than Ireland :)

Kind regards and Prost! Céline

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