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Visit from my Hometown

Hi everyone,

Finally, it was time for a visit from my friends from Switzerland.

Two of my ex-working colleagues decided to visit me for a weekend. They arrived on Friday morning and fortunately, it wasn’t that busy in the office so I could leave a bit earlier to spend the afternoon with them.

We wanted to do a lot of sightseeing and so on but first we were just sitting on the bed in our hotel room and exchanged the newest gossip :) Later that evening we went out for dinner.

On Saturday Dublin appeared from a well known side. It was very windy, a little bit cold and cloudy. So we decided to experience Dublin from the inside. First, we enjoyed a typical Irish breakfast – porridge, in a little coffee shop near the River Liffey. After that, we went to Dublin Castle and the Christ Church Cathedral. As we had our breakfast a little bit late, we left out lunch and went directly over to the dessert :P While we were strolling through the city we granted us some crêpes.

In the evening we met Jenny (the intern who works with me) because she won 4 tickets for a comedy night in the Laughter Lounge. I had been there once before and I knew that it would be funny. For this show there were 5 comedians who presented their show. And surprisingly I could understand them well :) In the tickets which Jenny had won, a table and three free drinks were included.

When the comedy night was over, we decided to move on to another pub in the area around Temple Bar. We found a pretty nice pub and had a lot of fun :)

On Sunday morning, we were a bit sleepy but that suddenly changed as we saw that the weather was good. We then decided to go to Howth and ran to the Dart.

When we arrived in Howth, we bought us breakfast and went on to the Cliff walk. It took us along the harbour before climbing away from the village around the Nose of Howth and onto the clifftop. We were overwhelmed by the stunning view of Lambay Island, Ireland’s Eye and the Baily Lighthouse – the last of Ireland’s lighthouses to become automated – and we forgot that we were tired and just enjoyed the nature.

We completed that beautiful day with a delicious dinner accompanied by Irish music in The old Storehouse in Dublin.

Another unforgettable weekend ended and it was already time to say Goodbye…

It was beautiful to have my friends and a piece of Switzerland here in Dublin!



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