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The big moving out

Hi there,

Since I have been working in the translation agency they had been talking about “the big moving out”. But in Ireland it is almost normal that things are not planned very well and it was the same in this case. No one had really known when the exact moving date would be. Until Friday last week. On Thursday we got an email that we would have to pack our things in boxes until Friday and that we would move out and suddenly everything happened very fast.On that Friday, the owner had to go back and forth with his car for like four times and we moved everything except the furniture. As I was at the reception, I was one of the last ones who moved out. So, I had to help everyone to get their stuff into the car and I also helped cleaning the office.We moved out of the old office because it was very small and the location wasn’t really adequate for our clients. The new location is much better. It is a nice area and there are a lot of shops =)

My host mum had seen the new office several times before because she had been helping to get it ready and she had already told me a lot about it so I was very excited when it was finally my turn to move out. Although, in my opinion, the old office wasn’t that bad, I’m happy with the new one.It is an old building and I love the high ceilings and the entrance that is flooded with light. Another company occupies the ground floor. Then there are stairs which directly lead to the reception, which is my workplace. Some other stairs lead to two rooms for the written- and the interpreting translation department. Another floor upstairs is a little kitchen and the bathroom and on the third floor is the office from the owner and the IT department.The most fascinating thing for me is that the tap can immediately give hot water. Especially because it is quite cold at my desk it is veeeeery handy to make some tea or coffee very quickly with the hot tap water. =)

Kind regards,Céline

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