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Trip to Malahide

Hi hi,

Last Sunday, I was with two interns and my new Korean housemate in Malahide. It’s only two stops away from my home with the dart and it is situated 16 kilometres north of the city, lying between Swords and Portmarnock.

We started at home at 10.30 and we met the two interns directly in Malahide. Our plan was to see the Malahide Castle. But we first walked to the coast and enjoyed the promenade. Once again we trusted Google Maps to find the way to the castle and this time it wasn’t a good choice. Google maps lead us the way and we walked around 40 minutes. When we came back, we chose another way that only took us 10 minutes =) but anyway, at least we could enjoy the beautiful autumn weather and a little bit of the nature.

When we arrived at the castle we decided to eat something first because we got very hungry from our exhausting hike tour =P Then we got our tickets for a guided tour in the castle. The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 12th century and the history of it is amazing! We had a funny tour guide and he involved everyone in the tour. He told us that, in the past, people believed that there was a ghost living in the castle and he added that he believes in it too because he had three ghost experiences last year. That people fainted at exactly the same place and in the room where the habitants saw the ghost was kind of spooky and everyone who joined the tour avoided that place =)

Behind the castle is a very big and nice park but as it was very cold we just walked through it to the dart station.

Another successful day ended and I’m happy that I could discover another great place close to

my home.

Kindest regards,


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